May 8, 2013

Only good news today

I was wrong about there still being a leak on my new toilet. I flushed it several times yesterday evening and it appeared to stay dry so I left it and went to bed. The water level hadn’t dropped this morning and it was still dry, so I flushed it again a few more times. Still dry, so that’s it. All I have to do now is complete the fixing of the plywood I’ve used in the boxing, make a top cover and give the whole lot a couple of coats of white emulsion. That’ll do it until I eventually get around to doing the bathroom and tiling it and the toilet. So that was very welcome news today.

Victor also kindly lent me a couple of those long pick-up tools, one with a magnet on the end and the other with the four little claws that are operated by a button on the top. All it needed was 30 seconds with the magnet version to recover my dropped spanner which I’d managed to knock sideways earlier on with a piece of wood to get it into a more accessible position. So that was another problem solved!

Today and tomorrow are holidays in France and although shops etc will be opening tomorrow, today things are closed. So now I really must get out into the garden and start attacking the grass and weeds with my mower before they get totally out of control and more difficult to chop down than they already are. Still, at least it’s good exercise 😉