February 28, 2012

Route down to Plazac

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that my idea when the time comes is to fly MYRO down to my new home in the Dordogne. I still don’t know when that will be although I expect the move to happen sometime around the middle of April. I checked my planned route out again in SkyDemon (a brilliant piece of software – I’ll definitely buy it before I go) over the week-end and came to the conclusion that I’ll really have to have either a tail wind or hardly anything on the nose if the wind is from the south when I eventually make the flight. And as I’ll be flying at a low altitude, I’d also prefer to do the flight on a week-end when the French military low flight danger areas aren’t active. My planned route is shown on the following pic.


After crossing the Channel, I’ll drop into Abbeville to clear French customs and close my flight plan from Stoke. After that I’ll be free to fly at my own pace. I’d really like to do the whole flight in a day if I can which will only be possible if I have a tail wind I think, and that’ll also allow me to make only two stops along the way, at Abbeville and Blois, where the fantastic French microlight show is held every year. Although I could purchase mogas along the way in France, my idea is to fill MYRO’s tanks and also take two full jerry cans of fuel on the seat beside me. That way if I top up my tanks at Abbeville from my jerry cans, I should be able to make it to Blois where I should be able to buy as much fuel as I need to complete the journey.

But I won’t know the full details until much closer to the actual time, because of the way that the weather can affect my plans. And before I fly MYRO down, I’ll have to complete my sale and purchase and hire a 7.5 tonne van to take all the stuff down that I intend to keep. So there’s still a bit to sort out and as I’ve just had a call from the French estate agent asking for a letter from my Solicitor confirming that my sale is going through, I need to arrange that straight away. There’s always something… 😉