February 5, 2012

No fly zone

We did indeed get the snow that was forecast. It started during yesterday evening and continued during the night and although it had stopped by this morning, I’m looking out at a good six inches of snow as I type this. So by flying yesterday, I did choose the better of the two days as there would have been no flying today and even Heathrow has cancelled 30% of its planned flights. From the forecasts, although we probably won’t get any more, what we’ve already got is likely to be with us for the next two or three days at least before there is a thaw. My big regret is that I haven’t had a chance to repair MYRO’s wing covers since the high winds of a few weeks ago and the snow is therefore lying directly on them. Luckily the Mylar skins are pretty resilient.

I’ve just checked out the weather in the Dordogne and it looks as though we are faring pretty well in comparison. They can expect some snow today and during next week, the night-time temperature in Rouffignac is expected to dip as low as -13 deg C on Wednesday. And at no time during the whole of the coming week will the temperature get anywhere near freezing even, staying down at – 6 deg or -7 deg C until rising to a balmy +1 or +2 deg C next Friday or Saturday. So it’ll need a hardy soul to decide to get into the air down there too 😉