July 29, 2011

Bit more done

Well, the two cans of paint that I found on Ebay arrived this morning so thanks to the seller for getting them to me so quickly. That doesn’t always happen on Ebay I can tell you, even for things bought from sellers in the UK 😯

After I’d got a couple of business things done in late morning, it took hardly any time at all to get the inside of the pod sprayed up. Here’s how it looked when I’d finished.


I have to say, it doesn’t look quite as good as when I did MYRO’s original pod. The reason is that the manufacturing quality isn’t quite as high – there are several dangly bits from the fibreglass matting that were left there from when the pod was originally made, for example – but I can live with it and once it’s fitted with all the tubes, the seats and the panel in place I doubt that the ‘imperfections’ will really be noticeable.

Any other news today? Er well, yes…. I bought myself a compressor off Ebay. I found it quite by chance because I’d been looking at several others that were all going up and up in price and hadn’t noticed this one that was ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Best Offer’. Well, I made an offer which the seller accepted, so the deal has been done. And the best bit of it is that although the item is a couple of years old (I think), it’s ‘brand new and unused’. It’s also quite high power, so that’s another advantage as it will be suitable for ‘general purpose’ use as well as the bit of spraying I’ve got in mind. And if I decide to sell it on when I’ve finished the job, I don’t think I’ll have a lot of problems getting my money back, based on what the ‘used’ ones are selling for 😉