July 17, 2011

Job done

And it turned out well, too. Ken and I fitted the new push-button PTT switches in the X’air today, between the showers that kept rattling through every half hour or so. It turned out when I put the meter on one of the original ones that what I had surmised about the terminals and connections was spot on, so we pressed on with the pilot’s side switch first. I could see absolutely no reason why the person who originally fitted them needed to install the bridge in what I think is the ‘earthing’ circuit so when I wired up the first push-button switch, I left it out. And when we tested it, the new switch worked perfectly I’m pleased to say 😉

When we’d finished the first one we decided to break for something to eat as Clare had opened up the cafe and with the weather being so bad there was no need for us to keep her too long as it was pretty obvious that nobody else was going to turn up. As it turned out, we had a really good time, chatting while we ate with her and ChrisD who owns and runs Medway Microlights and is always good for a few laughs, who came into the cafe looking rather drowned.

Afterwards we did the second switch and that tested well too, so we finished off and cleared up with the sky darkening as we did so. There was no time to take any pictures and I’ll leave those to some other time because just in time we got everything cleared away, the X’air covered and the hangar locked up, as the first few enormous drops of rain began to fall as we dashed back to the cars. So that was that, but we’d got done what we wanted to. The new switches look and work a treat and I’m pleased and relieved how they turned out in the end, after last week’s initial false start. As the rain came down in sheets during the drive home, I was thinking how nice it’ll be to be able to try them out for the first time in the air … whenever that will be with this ‘glorious’ mid-Summer weather 😕