July 13, 2011

I think I’ve done it…

I was going to wait until the week-end to check the pin-outs on the X’air PTT switches before looking for push-button replacements but I’m pretty sure that my understanding of what’s going on with the connections is correct. I did an Internet search the other day and found some switches being sold by Apem that I thought might be suitable so today I gave them a ring. Their Technical/Sales guy was very helpful and confirmed that both their 8000 and 10000 series double poles would do the job but when I asked how much a couple of switches would cost, he told me that they have a £50 minimum order. However, he said that RS Components stocked them as indeed I found that they did.

In fact after talking with Ken, I ended up buying a couple but from CPC-Farnell who also had them (for only £4.79 + VAT each), the reason being that whereas RS only had black buttons, Farnell had the red which I prefer. 😀 So here’s what I ordered.

New PTT Switches

So if everything goes well, we should have these in and working this Saturday. There’ll be no flying at all this week-end if the weather forecast is correct so at least it’ll be a useful way to spend the time and with a bit of luck I might also be able to get a bit more done on MYRO. I took a bit of time out this afternoon and made some good progress. I re-primed the new forks and this time they came out very well. I also more or less finished all the little fibreglass repairs on the new pod, rubbed them down and primed them in, and the pod is now looking pretty good. So all in all a highly satisfying outcome for the day 😉