I was up and out this morning at around 7.00 am as the sun was just creeping over the horizon to do something I’ve been thinking about since the area under the trees at the top of my land was cleared. Sebastien and his crew did an OK job of clearing the area but, let’s just say, they were not quite so careful about clearing up after themselves.

A small heap of debris was left behind and as I mentioned previously, there were quite a few small and some quite large branches together with other waste foliage that had been cut and left around the periphery. So this morning I thought that I’d go round myself, collect all of the latter up and add it to the heap so when someone did eventually come back, they could take the whole lot away.

Afterwards I thought that I’d take a look at the plastic that was coming out of the ground. It turned out that my ‘strawberries’ theory could not have been wider off the mark. This was simply a case of ‘what the eye doesn’t see…’ because when I began to pull some out, what I found was that it consisted of bales of waste plastic, probably old fertiliser bags or something like that, that had been baled-up with thin blue cord and then buried by some unknown ‘agriculteur’ at the edge of what was once one of his fields.

I managed to extract four lots, which was nearly all of it, and add it to the heap. At the end of it I think I might have cricked my neck a bit with the effort involved, but it was worth it and the area under the trees looked much tidier afterwards.

I finished at about 8.30 am and came in for a clean-up and shave and to have my breakfast. And just in time, because at around 9.00 am just before I began typing this, a small truck pulled up next to the heap that had now more than doubled in size and began loading it on. It’s still there because they’re doing a bit more tidying up, maybe because of the example I’d set. Anyway, it looks as though my early-morning workout was well worth it.

A footnote – it turns out that the guy clearing up was the one who was driving the tractor. He has just left after driving down to say ‘au revoir’ and ‘bon courage’. Very local and very pleasant… quite unlike those who all seem to work in the public sector in France. As a further aside, I also approached and made peace with my neighbour this morning with whom I’d had the disagreement about the generator. We bumped fists and agreed to forget and move on. Life is too short. So taken all round, this has been what I think was a very satisfactory start to the day 🙂

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