I’ve just received a message from Enedis. Now, bear in mind that to date I’ve been in contact with EDF, Enedis and more recently a contractor (appointed by Enedis) in a so-far vain attempt to have electricity installed on my land. The gist of the message is that despite there being a ‘coffre’ (a system box if you like) just up the road and a plastic pipe (‘gaine’) connecting it into which cable just needs to be fed in order to connect to it, the network is ‘too far away’ to make the connection.

As a result, yet another bureaucratic monstrosity in the form of an organisation called SDE has now been brought into the equation and it is they who will be responsible for actually doing the above. One wonders how close the ‘network’ would actually have to be for Enedis to be able to do it themselves, especially after seeing how quickly and easily the contractor was digging up the ground and laying cable in the road outside my old house and in my garden just before I left.

So my ‘dossier’ has now been passed over to SDE and one wonders for how much longer this ridiculous pass-the-parcel game will go on, ridiculous if its repercussions weren’t so serious for me. For several more months I would guess, as this all started back in May when I filed my original request. And how much must this nonsense all be costing? One wonders how in all sanity such a system can ever have been devised.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my caravan and in particular, where to locate it on my land. I started off up at the top end closer to the road and I suffered from a bit of a lack of privacy and some disturbance from passing traffic, although the latter was not that great. I’ve since moved it down to the bottom corner, mainly to make it more conveniently connectable to my neighbour’s electricity supply.

However, and today was a case in point, I’m finding that where it is, under the trees, it’s rather cold at night and especially in the mornings. When it was really hot a week or so ago, I thought that I’d welcome being in a cooler spot, but now it’s gone totally the other way. And my thinking is that aside from a few more hot spells that are likely to come along from time to time, the cooling trend will continue as the year proceeds.

My thinking now is that it might become very cold during the winter, although hopefully by then I’ll have my own electricity supply to run my on-board convector heater. Even so, my caravan will be much more exposed to northerly winds where it is compared to if I moved it back towards the top, especially now the scrubby undergrowth and bushes have been removed allowing it to be tucked under the umbrella of the tall trees up there.

So I’m thinking that while I’m waiting for my own electricity to be connected and while I’m relying on my neighbour’s supply, I’ll leave the caravan where it is. However, when I’ve got my own, and just before if I’m given a specific date when the hook-up will be made, I’ll move the caravan back up.

And this means that it would be a good idea now to prepare a level area for it and also to decide where to place the metal ‘abri’ (toolshed, or more of a workshop/store really as it is around 13 m² in area) and make a base for that. So that’s a decision taken and it’s now time to get cracking instead of wasting time doing other things that don’t matter, which I’m very good at!

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