It wasn’t much of a day yesterday – too windy to do very much outside – so I decided to stay home and see what I could make out of the video footage that I shot with my Hubsan Zino the day before. It had started off really dull and cloudy but it brightened up a bit as the morning progressed and I saw the opportunity to get the Zino into the air and take some interesting footage of the low cloud. It was a challenge making anything out of it but considering the weather conditions, it turned out better than I thought it would do and here are the results.

Later that day the sun broke through the cloud, although it still remained quite windy. In my last post I mentioned that I took the opportunity nevertheless to take the Zino to three locations not far away from my home, all in the Vézère valley, and record some more video. These were la Côte de Jord, la Roque St Christophe and le Chateau de Belcaire. In my last post I said that I probably wouldn’t bother making anything out of the footage that I saved but after looking at it, I changed my mind. I had to scratch around a bit to stitch the best bits together but the results are shown below.

It’s not Oscar material by any means and considering that the shooting was only supposed to be experimental, I’m quite pleased with the outcome. I’m also glad to have a video record of the first time that I got an opportunity to fly the Zino further afield than just around the area where I live and I hope that this will be the first such video of many more to come in the future. I’ve already been thinking about possible locations 😉

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