If you’re a pilot, what better sight to greet you when you open the curtains of your bedroom first thing in the morning.


A pretty little airfield and, what’s better, wall-to-wall clear blue sky.

After travelling for nearly 14 hours yesterday I arrived at the airfield in the UK where my ex-pat Xair has been hangared since the first week of December last year. I got my head down in the ‘C’ (for control) caravan for the airfield last night and will be doing so again tonight before hopefully being able to depart first thing for Calais and the Dordogne tomorrow morning.

I had to deal with the tedious formality of the 14 day quarantine period that visitors to the UK are currently having imposed on them. Luckily, one of the exempt categories of traveller is ‘aircrew’ and this was accepted by the UK Border Force without any problem.

The only minor hiccup was that I was told by the Border Force at Calais that you have to submit an entry form before arrival in the UK but that if I did it on my mobile phone I could just show the screen on the UK side. This I did and as ‘aircrew’ I was allowed to depart the port through a side barrier without further ado, which was greatly appreciated. I was also told that I was the first at Dover to give that as my reason for visiting the UK.

Here’s another shot that I took of the airfield first thing when I opened the caravan door this morning.


My plan today is to do an extended check-flight of 24ZN of about 1 1/2 hours so I’m confident that all is well with her. Then I’ll fuel her up and pack everything on board that I’ll be taking back with me and put her back in the hangar overnight so all I have to do is start her up and get away bright and early in the morning.

The weather forecast looks good and with a bit of luck I’ll do the flight in a day. In quite a bit less time that it took me to do the same journey in reverse by car yesterday, actually.

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