I was tempted to call this post The Longest Day in keeping with the D-Day commemorations because it has certainly felt like it today. I have to confess that having heard thunder rolling in the distance at around 5.30am I decided I might as well have a lie in and eventually got out of bed at 9.00am. But from then on I was working all day, humping stuff around, to get MYRO into my garage. My son and a young neighbour helped me get MYRO off the trailer and here’s a pic of it on the ground and uncovered for the first time since last August.


I started by moving all the stuff in the garage that I’ve had to keep and that was in the way onto my patio. Then I had to give the floor a good old sweep and find places to stow the loose bits, like the tail fin and the fuel tank. Parts like the tail fin and later, the horizontal stabiliser that I also had to remove to get MYRO in, have to be treated very carefully indeed because if the fabric covering is damaged in any way it would be a very expensive to rectify the problem, possibly requiring the purchase of a new replacement cover. I decided to look for ways of suspending the fin and stabiliser from the wall and this I managed to do very successfully using bungie straps and rubber padding to keep them away from the wall.

To keep the story short, after getting MYRO in I then had to move all the stuff I’d taken out, back again. I’d done a mental calculation that there would be enough room behind MYRO to accommodate it and I’m glad to say I was right. I can still get to everything I need to and I can pull MYRO out to work on with no difficulty. Here’s a pic of MYRO tucked up snuggly inside my garage.


Today was a long day and a very tiring one. There was only one slightly dodgy period when it looked as though it might rain and although a few drops fell, it passed over very quickly. So that was a relief for which I was grateful. Getting MYRO safely under cover has made the efforts involved in clearing my garage over the last four weeks or so wholly worthwhile and as everyone knows, decluttering your life is good for your soul anyway. 🙂

Now I can have a short breather before deciding how I’m going to tackle the main job in hand – getting MYRO back into the air. 😉