The weather the last two days has been glorious and I’m pleased to say that I managed to make the most of it. Yesterday I thought I’d nip out to Ken’s at last, to fit the new Master Switch on Our Trike. I made the connections up but when I went to fit the switch in the panel I realised that the hole was far too big. I then realised that the washers that were needed were still on the old switch, which I’d left at home in my conservatory. So I’d made a wasted trip! I’d been hoping to fit the switch, then get Our Trike out of the workshop and take some pics for Ebay. I suppose I could have taken the pics but I decided to switch to Plan B instead 😉

I had some household chores to do first but I thought that rather than leave it to the next morning, this would be a good time to return the trailer, leaving the whole of Sunday free. So that’s what I did. I’d agreed with Rosie to leave it at the strip so if she needed it, it would be handy for her. It also means that if by some miracle I do get MYRO ready to go within weeks rather than months, it will still also be handy for me.

The next time I was at the strip, I’d hoped to be able to take some close-up pics of MZEL’s engine mountings to help me when I come to fit MYRO’s engine. Unfortunately, by the time I’d arrived it was too late, so I parked the trailer and drove off. I’d got about half a mile before I remembered that I’d wanted to pick up MYRO’s wing struts that Rosie said she had left near the wings, so I turned round and went back for them. I carefully tied them onto the roof-rack as I didn’t want them to vibrate and rub together on the journey home. Luckily everything went as planned and I got home while there was still just enough light to get them off and safely laid on my back lawn.

I was up bright and early this morning but first of all before I could start on MYRO, Toddie made sure that I first took him for a long walk over the local field. Then I could do what I wanted to do. For reasons I won’t bother going into, Rosie had removed MYRO’s fuel tank, so I decided that the first thing I’d do was re-fit it. This seemed a good idea as it fits behind the right-hand seat and all of the work I intend doing is forward of that. With the tank in place, everything behind the seats can be left more or less undisturbed.

I’d never bothered looking closely before, but the tank holds 25 litres and is held in place by a webbing harness that is attached to the right-hand seat frame and cover. Fitting the tank looks deceptively simple – just drop the bottom of the tank into the harness, pull the top straps over so the tank is upright and tighten the harness.

Well, yes, in theory. I ended up taking all the pipes off that were attached to the tank, including the main fuel supply that enters the tank through a hole in the top and has a filter attached to it that lies in the tank bottom. The whole arrangement had to be removed 😯

I ended up struggling for a good two hours but finally the tank was in place where it should be. Here are a couple of pics that I took at the end of the job.



It was tricky because of the lack of space to work in and, I have to say, pretty tiring too, but I was very pleased how neat it looked at the end 🙂

Rosie had also switched MYRO’s stick with MZEL’s because it had a PTT (push-to-talk) switch in for her radio. I was happy about that because it means that I can eventually fit what suits me without having to worry about fixing a hole that was left by what was there before, but it meant that I had to re-fit the stick that Rosie had left lying on the cabin floor.

The diagram in the AX3 manual looks scary, but when you look at the fixing itself, there’s actually nothing to it. That’s the reason why, incidentally, I want to take some detail shots of MZEL’s engine mountings. Ten minutes or less and the job was done, as you can see.


So I’ve made a start on MYRO – just! Every little helps, as they say, and tinkering with little jobs like the ones I’ve done helps the general learning process. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just blast ahead – you need to learn about the aircraft and how it must be treated. After all, when you’re zipping along at 50 or 60 mph at 2000 feet, there’s quite a lot at stake 😉

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  1. Thanks Tony. I think it’ll be a while yet though. My elderly mother is moving in with my sister so all work on MYRO is on hold for a while until I’ve finished clearing her bungalow, which she has just sold, and disposing of unwanted items. Hopefully when that’s all out of the way I’ll be able to look forward to a bit of quality MYRO time, though, and be able to start making a bit of progress.

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