This is exceptional weather. Not for November maybe, but certainly for July, in what should be mid-summer. The exceptionally strong south-westerly wind has been blowing relentlessly for many days now, for what seems like forever actually, although it can only be something like a week or so. It just seems like forever when your life is centred on a caravan, albeit on an airfield, and your horizons are limited to a few hundred yards because it’s not only windy outside but also pouring with rain, as it has been for much of the last couple of days.

Fortunately though, I’ve been treated to some pretty good company here at Clipgate, thanks to Brian and Paddy who have been working on their Jodel, Ron who has been providing them with moral support, Mike who has been working on his Thruster that he acquired in circumstances similar to my Xair and which is turning out to be a gem, Gary who has been fettling his Jodel and Mike who is busily and assiduously restoring what will ultimately be a magnificent and unique Ford Cortina Mk II.

Interestingly, Mike and I were told that Paddy has had a three-quarter extension since last Christmas and it was lucky he did do, because it saved his knuckles… Mike and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, but it turned out that Paddy was referring to an item from a socket set that he’d borrowed and hadn’t had a chance to return to the lender 🙂

My role has been mainly to keep the mugs of tea coming but in doing so, my efforts have been well-rewarded in terms of the camaraderie and banter that have come my way as a result. Great stuff, the best of what light aviation has to offer and what being a member of the light aviation community in the UK is all about.

Having said that the weather over the past few days has been, quite frankly, appalling it still looks as though my window allowing me to depart this coming Tuesday is still a good probability. As of this morning, the forecast winds are not quite as favourable as they were previously with some headwind elements in the northerly sector from Canterbury as far is Dreux in northern France, but nothing to trouble or upset my planning calculations. So I’m still hoping to get away at around something like 7.00 am local time and although I’m not quite desperate as yet, I would like to think that I will be back home in France some time in the near future.

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