I had a good time flying my new Eachine EG16 drone yesterday afternoon. Not too many spills (the first time I made it take off I hadn’t set it up properly and it flew round-and-round in circles and finally into a tree – without damage luckily) but quite a few thrills. I’m easily excited in my old age 🙂

I’ll do a post with more details later on but for the time being, here’s a short video that I put together from the various clips that I shot during the afternoon and gives my first impressions, which are pretty favourable.

The wind was quite strong and gusting so although the video bumps around a bit as a result, the drone did a pretty good job of keeping its position using its on-board GPS. I’m pleased with the video quality, especially given how much I paid for the kit.

I’m actually already thinking of ordering my next model as an upgrade and putting this one onto Le Bon Coin while it’s still new. I could well get more for it than I originally paid, as I had a 30€ coupon that brought the cost to me down considerably.

Boys and their toys eh… 😉

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