Well, not really, but it’s amazing how much difference a day and a bit more confidence can make. Today I’ve been making a much better job of flying my new Eachine EG16 drone and getting some pretty good results. No videos in this post as quite honestly, it takes far too long uploading them to Youtube with the internet being as slow as it is down here so although I shot quite a few, I’ll save any uploads to later when I’ve got more to show for it.

Having more experience and a bit more confidence I ventured a bit higher and further today than I did yesterday. I was very disappointed to find that when I did, without going to anything like the sort of limits that the drone is supposed to be capable of its WiFi signal dropped out and the image in the app on my smartphone then hung. After that, although the video kept running, I had no idea what it was actually shooting and just had to aim it by eye from the ground.

I don’t know whether the problem was with the drone’s signal being a bit weak or my phone not being sensitive enough but it was annoying because with the problems I’m already having with getting the app started in any case, it was impossible to reestablish the connection. BTW, I’ve found that if I get my phone to ‘forget’ and ‘rediscover’ the drone’s WiFi every time, it links fine, but it’s an annoying rigmarole to have to go through.

The results were pretty good on the whole when I was flying blind, but that’s not the point, is it. On a couple of occasions also, I’m not sure what I did but somehow the videos in question were corrupted and wouldn’t play on my computer. I think it was because I’d switched the drone off when back on the ground having left the video recorder running, but I’m not sure. I just chucked one away but as an experiment, downloaded the necessary software from the internet and recovered the other one. It suffered no harm whatsoever, so that was good to know.

The last bit of news is that I’m so struck with the idea of video recording using a drone that yesterday, on day 2, I already ordered an upgrade. I’ll need better battery life than the EG16 offers as well as a better distance capability both for security and to be sure of getting the sort of shots that I have in mind in the future. But that’s all I’m going to say for now and I’ll tell more when the new, improved version arrives in a few days time 😉

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