Maybe. I zipped an email off a couple of days ago to the DGAC in Paris asking whether, if any restrictions still applied to long distance flights in France in June, they would be prepared to provide me with a special dispensation to fly 24ZN, my ex-pat Xair from the UK and through France to the Dordogne.

I’ve just received a most helpful reply saying that they expect all restrictions to GA flights in France to be lifted from 1st June and that therefore the flight should be able to go ahead in any event. They add that I should check that the aerodromes that I want to land at are all open and that no restrictions do in fact apply and that in such an event I should contact them again for a ‘laissez-passer’.

How good is that? It means that on the French side, I can start to make plans again to pick up the Xair and fly it over to France as from the beginning of June. Now all I’ve got to do is make similar arrangements for the UK side of things. What’s the bet that that will be far more difficult wih bundles of red tape to be cut through and problems even finding the right people to talk to, bearing in mind that I’ve got to overcome possible problems even entering the UK from France. I’ll let readers know how I get on and am already rolling up my sleeves.

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