Today’s the day when the Covid-19 lockdown is starting to be eased and we start to get some of our freedoms back. But everything’s not as clear as it should be and especially when it comes to private flying.

We can now go outdoors to take as much exercise as we want, defined as ‘walking and jogging’ within I think still a 1 km radius of our home and I’m almost certain that we can travel as much as we want up to a radius of 100 kms. But I’m not sure whether that includes having more than one person in your car, because if not, in theory you’d still be subject to a hefty fine. Exercise I think must still be a solitary activity save for with anyone from your immediate family with whom your ‘self confining’ and ‘social distancing’ must still be observed, so no ‘group’ activities.

Most shops will be reopening but still no cafés, restaurants and bars till at least the end of the month, so maybe we’ll start to see a few more deliveries to our local ‘relais’ points, local shops and stores that take in and receive parcels on behalf of carriers other than La Poste. Hopefully I’ll soon begin to see a few items from the now growing backlog of items that I’m waiting impatiently to receive.

The latest newsletter from the joint federation of private flying organisations says that private flying can now start ‘within the constraints of the laws relating to public health’. It implies several things but doesn’t seem to confirm that they do now actually apply. For example, flying schools can now open for training and although social distancing is still supposed to apply, as driving schools can now recommence activities, there’s no reason why dual instruction shouldn’t be allowed. But is it?

It also implies that after taking off, there should be no distinction between flying between ‘green’ and ‘red’ départements, but again doesn’t seem to confirm that that is now so. And do we still need the letter of ‘dérogation’ from the DGAC to travel to our airfield to run the engines of our aircraft for 20 minutes once a month? I suppose someone knows, but I certainly don’t and it all seems a bit of a balls-up to me.

We’ve had more than 24 hours of rain since I did the plant pots outside the front of my house with my neighbour, Chantal, but although it’s still not ‘proper’ weather for the time of year, it’s a bit brighter this morning. So I fired up my little Eachine EG16 drone and took a few pictures.




I’ll be glad when my new Fimi arrives. The above shots are OK as far as they go but have far too much ‘fish-eye’ distortion to be of very much real value. The new drone won’t suffer from such problems. I’m really annoyed because I’m still after more than a month waiting for a refund fom Banggood for the rubbish EX4 quadcopter that I returned to China. It seems that the Chinese customs are holding back the shipment because of ‘a missing invoice’. But there is no ‘missing invoice’ as the item isn’t being sold to Banggood, it’s being returned.

And Paypal Customer Protection is proving to be useless at the moment, just sitting on their backsides and providing no support. I think that it’s time to start poking the hornets’ nest with a sharp stick.

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