Impossible to say for sure but it appears so. And it has been that way, consistently, for several days now, which alone is encouraging. But not only that, there could be up to three possible days to depart during this coming week, which has been unheard of during the whole time that I’ve been waiting to do my flight to France in 24ZN.

As of this evening, the weather could be suitable on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Wednesday looking the best of the three, although if Tuesday looks OK, I’ll probably grab the opportunity. However, if as has been suggested there could be local fog on Tuesday morning, I’ll naturally postpone my departure until the following day. I just hope that all three days don’t end up with light winds that would allow me to take off but with fog on either this or the other side of the Channel.

By way of making preparations, today I fitted 24ZN’s new battery, topped up its tanks using the fuel remaining in one of my two jerricans, which I’ll refill tomorrow ready for when I do get away, and ran its engine for the first time for ten days. I was very pleased when, with the new battery, its engine cranked very healthily and started almost immediately with hardly any delay. Hopefully therefore, the new battery will sort out any starting problems that there might have been.

There was a bit more rain today but hopefully there won’t be any more until I leave and it’ll be OK to leave 24ZN uncovered tomorrow in the hope of getting away early on Tuesday morning. If I can’t take off due to fog it shouldn’t be a problem leaving it uncovered for another night in the hope of getting away on Wednesday instead. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed.

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