We’ve had a stinker of a day today – cold with lashing rain. But although I was working outside and it wasn’t very pleasant, fortunately I was under-cover out of the rain and wind in my new wood store finishing off its new electrical system.

On Friday I made a hole through the wall of my kitchen into the store. I’d found a gap in the stones of the outer wall inside the store where I wanted, if possible, to come through because I knew from when I put my gas pipe through that hitting a big stone head-on was bad news. I’d then worked out as best I could using my gas pipe as a reference point where that was on the inside of the wall and began drilling with a new 60 cm long masonry that I’d acquired for the purpose from Brico Depot.

My walls are nearly a metre thick but having a 60 cm start put me way ahead of the game compared to previously, when I’d put the gas pipe through, and as before I then had to finish off by just using a metal rod that I’d got from Les Briconautes as a cold chisel. Amazingly, it took me a fraction of the time that it did before and when I’d got the rod right through I went outside to check where it had come out. I could hardly believe my eyes, because there was the tip sticking out in the gap between the stones at exactly the point I’d been aiming for, but although I was delighted with the result, I thought that it was really more by luck than judgement.

But anyway, putting the cable through the hole was all that I managed to do on Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I installed and connected a strip light. I didn’t know whether the switch that I’d put in was in the ‘off’ or ‘on’ position so after I’d come indoors and plugged the new cable into an adjacent socket, I was very pleased to see light flooding out of the wood store doors when I went back out again. Plugging the cable into a wall socket in my kitchen is only a ‘temporary’ arrangement until I get around to finishing my kitchen off. When I do that, I have to install all new sockets which I’ll chase into the walls so it doesn’t make any sense to spend time now chasing in just one cable.

So all I had to do today was finish wiring in the power sockets. Even though I was working under cover, it wasn’t very nice because not only was it cold and blustery with the doors wide open for light, but I also had to keep nipping outside to fetch tools and other items that I needed. So it was a great relief when I’d finished and was able to reconnect the power cable and test the whole system out. It all worked perfectly, I’m glad to say, and here are a couple of shots of the finished job.



I’ve put in three sockets, not that I’ll be able to use all of them simultaneously at their maximum rating, of course. It’s just more convenient not to have to keep plugging and unplugging if you’re using two or three tools all at the same time. I tested the sockets out by plugging in and starting up my ‘scie à bûches’, which is the highest rated item that I’ll probably be needing to run out there, and it worked fine. So it looks as though I’m pretty much in business now. However, I’m thinking that maybe I might need an additional external light to light the way from my kitchen door round to the wood store, so maybe I haven’t quite finished just yet after all 😉