We had a gorgeous day today with a lovely blue sky, a splash of high cloud here and there and a high of 19 degrees Celsius. This afternoon was perfect for flying but, alas, I couldn’t go because I still have jobs to do on my ‘Winter Work List’. I had intended to make and fit a threshold strip and weatherboard on my kitchen door as I did for my back door a few days ago, but I’m afraid that that turned out not to be possible. The reason was that I overslept!

But the day was not lost, because I decided instead to fit the guttering that I got recently for the new wood store. This was a job that had to be done in any case as with the rain we’ve had already, the doors and boards on the front have been getting unduly wet and dirty due to water running off the sloping roof and splashing back up off the ground. I had to use a bit of ingenuity to devise a method of attaching it as due to the way that I’d designed the roof, I couldn’t use the usual brackets. Also, there’s very little height above the doors, so the gutter had to be fixed in such a way as to ensure that afterwards there would be sufficient clearance beneath it to clear the doors when they were opened.

In the end, the simplest approaches are often the most elegant and this proved to be so in this case. All I did was turn the guttering around so the decorative ‘roll’ on its front was towards the back and then put some screws through that directly into the board on the underside of the roof edge that I fixed there to cover the edge of the roofing felt after I’d wrapped it over. It worked well and looked fine after I’d finished, as the following pics show.



If I don’t oversleep again tomorrow, I should be able to get the work done on my kitchen door, as the weather is forecast to be about the same as today. That will get me very close to the end of my job list, after which I’ll be able to start to relax and also grab the odd opportunity to fly that presents itself when there are breaks in the weather like today.

I’ll also not be able to go flying on Saturday morning as Wim and I are going off to pick up some firewood. It’s freshly cut pine from land that’s being cleared for another purpose and will have to be stacked for at least two years to dry out. But that’s OK as I have the space for it and will just source dry oak in the meantime, as I did for this Winter.

So will I get a flight in on Saturday afternoon? I don’t know at the moment, but I’m not too fussed because the forecasts for both Saturday and Sunday are almost identical – highs of 20/21 degrees Celsius, no chance of rain and light winds from the south-east. And whichever day I go on, I’ll be able to enjoy it all the more knowing that I’ll have ticked off all the big jobs on my ‘Winter Work List’ 😉