It’s the best that I can come up with under the circumstances, but I think it’s pretty good. The weather problem that has prevented me flying my X-air, 24ZN, out of the UK and into France has been caused by the Jetstream. Here in Western Europe we’re still suffering from the tail-end of some pretty wild weather over on the other side of the Atlantic that has caused the Jetstream to lash around like the tail of a cornered snake bringing wild northerly, and occasionally southerly, winds to the UK and France.

Just for now, and not unsurprisingly perhaps, after deciding to return home at the end of last week, the winds have died down and it might well have been possible to do the flight during the first half of this week as I originally intended. But it would have been risky because yet again, some very high northerly winds are forecast over my intended route from the second half of the week, over the week-end and into the next and forecasting the exact time of their arrival has to be approximate. And we’re talking of gusts of 80 kmh or more, so nothing to be too complacent about.

But although the Jetstream has been occupying more or less its present position, with an enormous loop in its tail from the UK down over the length of France, for some time, experience tells us that it will not remain like that and change will occur at some time in the future. And probably sooner rather than later given the duration of the current weather pattern. In fact, the current forecast remains fairly pessimistic through until the middle of November, its furthermost limit, but due to the vagaries of temperature and pressure, forecasts inevitably change and there will more than likely be several days of lull during that period.

So here’s what I intend to do. When I think that there will be a possibilty of doing the flight, I’ll return to the UK, but this time in my C-Max. This means that I’ll be able to make the journey at more or less a moment’s notice with the bonus that when I arrive, I’ll enjoy the convenience of having my own car without any of the hassle of a hire vehicle. I’ll then fly 24ZN out at the first opportunity leaving my car at my sister and brother in law’s house but this won’t be a problem because when I get home I’ll have my Kia waiting for me to use in the interim. Then I’ll wait for an economically priced flight back to the UK from Bergerac arriving to join my family, who cannot come down this year to my house in France, for Christmas, returning to France in the C-Max after New Year.

So that’s it then… what could possibly go wrong 😕


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