At last! My cheque has now cleared so MYRO is paid for and the next job is to get it moved up from Rosie’s to my garage. I’ve still got a few things I need to clear even after taking car load after car load down to the local waste disposal site, but I think there’s just about room now. Quite a few things I chucked away were ‘new’ especially stuff I cleared from a shop I used to have several years ago. But that’s the point – it was now out of date and obsolete so there was no use in keep hanging onto it. After all, it’s been in there for something over 10 years. Yes, I have to admit that a lot of the stuff I have got rid of was even older – just shows the extent of the problem doesn’t it, and I bet I’m far from unique 😕

Maybe it’s a generation thing – it’s still an awful wrench seeing perfectly good stuff going into the rubbish but I kept forcing myself to remember why I was doing it. Then it became a whole lot easier 🙂

As I type this we’re enjoying what is probably the best day of the year so far here in South-East England. When I took the dog out earlier the sky was blue and cloudless and it looked as though it was developing into a scorcher. Now I notice that we’ve got broken cumulus and a light breeze but the sun is really hot when it comes out from behind a cloud. But in any case, there’s no flying for me just now. I’ve arranged with Rosie to sit three of the five exams I have to do for my NPPL tomorrow morning, Air Law, Human Performance and Aircraft General. In a post on a forum I belong to I said that having passed them before when I was a lot younger in many ways, the fear of failure is greater than the fear of the exams themselves. If I do badly maybe it would turn on a light bulb in my brain that I am getting older and ‘past it’ and that’s a bit scary 😯

This is the first time since starting on Our Trike that I’ve really had to face up to that thought and how things go tomorrow will in some ways be an ‘acid test’. I’ve probably done more work for the exams this time round than when I got my PPL over 30 years ago but when you’re young you’re still used to being in exam mode and it’s a bit harder when you’re older. Anyway, time to sign off this post and get my notes out again. Gotta get going if I’m going to do as well as I want to 😉

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Mum – she’s 90 today, God bless her.

2 thoughts on “Gotta get going now

  1. Thanks very much for the good wishes. I zipped through them – thought there was no point agonising for hours over the answers as you either knew them or you didn’t – and got three OK passes. My main problem was Air Law as I can honestly say I had never seen quite a few of the questions before in any of the old exam stuff and notes etc that I’d got hold of! But never mind 😕

    You don’t realise the level of tension you’ve developed until you relax afterwards. In the evening I felt quite drained. On the other hand I did treat myself to a couple of beers …ahem…. so that may have had something to do with it 🙂

    Now just Met and Nav to do. Yippee 😆

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