Remember how you used to feel when you ran all the way home from school to tell your Mum how well you had just done in your test? Well I feel a bit like that just now.

I went off to bed quite early last night after going through my revision notes for the Nth time, but I don’t think it did me that much good as I woke up even earlier than usual with my mind racing with stuff to do with air law and goodness knows what. So I got up, had breakfast, took the dog for a quick walk, read through my notes for the N+1th time and skipped through a few mock exams on the Internet. Then I left with plenty of time to spare looking forward to a serene drive down to the strip. After only a mile or so I drove slap bang into the traffic heading into the European Open Golf at the London Golf Club and although to start off with my heart sank, because it was still quite early there wasn’t too much of it and I soon got through. Made a mental note, though, to come back on the M2 rather than the M20 because it was bound to be much worse later.

When I arrived at the strip, Rosie was just about to take a lucky young chap on a 25th birthday jaunt in the Icarus so I had to wait for an hour before she returned. In the meantime got chatting with the young man’s girlfriend (lucky young man 😉 ) and another guy called Mike who, it turned out was also there to do an exam. But just the one, though, Air Law. Mike didn’t know it then, but he had a bit of a shock in store. He only came to do Air Law but because I was doing three, Rosie ‘shamed’ him into doing three as well! Now that kind of thing can spoil your whole day, can’t it 😯

Any way, I rattled the three exams off and waited while Rosie got out her templates to mark them. She’s a devil – the first one she moved the template over so it looked as though I’d only got a few answers right. Now that’s just being unkind to an old pilot isn’t it 🙂

So how’d I do? Not so bad – Air Law 85%, Human Performance 90% and Aircraft General 86%. So three not-too-bad passes. That’ll do me 🙂

Just one thing though for any trainee pilots who might be reading this – I found Air Law a bit tricky mainly because I’d relied on an old edition of Cosgrove and hadn’t obtained enough more recent, up-to-date stuff. Consequently many of the questions were totally new to me. Now I’m not saying I guessed – some yes and those I got mainly wrong – but I had to struggle to remember snippets and things I’d read or come across that I hadn’t consciously tried to learn. That’s a risky approach and I think I was lucky to come out of it as well as I did.

Now what else? Well, for starters, Rosie gave me MYRO’s ignition key 🙂 I said that with many people returning home after a week’s holiday, it would probably be very busy on the M2 this weekend, so it would probably be best if I picked up MYRO on an evening this coming week. So that’s how we left it. I mentioned in an earlier post that MYRO’s wings are hanging up on the wall of a hangar, and here they are.

MYRO's wings

MYRO's wings

I can’t wait to get them back on and be up in the air in MYRO again 🙂