April 21, 2017

Well pleased!

Another glorious day – hardly any wind, blue sky and a high of around 20 degrees Celsius. So I got my grass cut and I’m not long in from testing out my fuel rig with its second pump fitted.

It pumped 25 litres from one jerrican to another non-stop against the stopwatch in 5½ minutes, so that was something over 4½ litres per minute. At that rate it means that I’d be able to do an average tank top-up in 10-12 minutes, possibly a bit less, allowing time to move between the tanks, which is more or less what I was aiming for.

The issue that I’ve had in mind the whole time, though, has been accidental spillage and the arrangement means that that is virtually impossible unless somehow the operating button sticks on when a tank is full or something like that, which I think is highly unlikely. I was also pleased to confirm today that by tilting the jerrican backwards, the system drained the last drop of fuel out of it as it was intended to do.

So I have ended up being quite a happy bunny at the end of the process and now I need to find out if that’s confirmed in practice, which I’ll be able to do in the near future as I haven’t topped 77ASY’s tanks up since Victor and I did our last flight in it. Until then, I’ve made a nice hardwearing cover for it to keep it clean while it’s standing in the hangar and here are a couple of shots that I took of it.



We’ve got a few excellent flying days coming up through to at least Monday with very light winds and temperatures in the low to mid-20s, so I’m optimistic about getting some flying in. Not tomorrow morning, though as I’m giving Wim a hand, but Sunday and Monday should definitely be on 😉