April 20, 2017

More fuel rig

The last bits that I needed to fit the second pump on my new fuel rig arrived last Saturday so I took the opportunity to do the work in the afternoon before dashing out for dinner with Madeleine and Victor in the evening.

Although I really want to have both pumps mounted horizontally to save space, for the time being I decided that I’d save time by mounting the second one vertically as I did the first one. Here are a couple of shots showing how I did it.



I didn’t have much time to test the rig with the second pump in place and didn’t have much fuel to do so anyway, but from what I could see it was pumping considerably faster than before.

I haven’t been able to do any more in the intervening days because I’ve been a bit under the weather but I’m now more or less back on form and should be able to do some proper tests tomorrow, before I embark on cutting the grass. So keep watching this space 🙂