August 1, 2014

Excellent flight today!

Weather was almost perfect this morning so Victor and I went for a sight-seeing tour of the local area. Wim dropped into Galinat in his Weedhopper before we left but had other things to do so couldn’t join us. Here’s where we went.


Because I wasn’t taking any pics today, we were able to fly a bit lower than I would usually with Victor snapping away the whole time with his Nikon. Although the temperature got up to about 29 degrees C by the time we landed, the air stayed decidedly smooth and Victor got over 100 shots almost all of which were brilliant with fantastic detail, including of his house with Madeleine outside in the garden waving 🙂

And we got the best of the weather as well because after we’d landed it gradually deteriorated, ending up with thunder (but hardly any rain) by the early evening. Next flight planned for Sunday, down to Cavarc for the club’s open day, and then I’m off back to England for a week on Tuesday, to see my mum who’s 95 and can’t travel long distances any more. So a great flight lasting 55 minutes today and more good things coming up. Life is good 😉