June 29, 2009

Gunk ain’t what it used to be…

Unless I’m mistaken that is. While the evenings are long and the weather so good, I’m trying to do a bit whenever I can. I picked up some very good advice from Ted Snook in a thread I started on the BMAA forum about renovating MYRO’s pod so I’ll be getting together the stuff I need for that over the coming few days. But this evening I’d decided that with the pod and much of the front end removed, I’d see about shifting some of the grease and muck that’s accumulated in and underneath MYRO over the years. I’d got hold of some Gunk engine degreaser earlier in the day to help do the job. I started off by doing the pedal assembly, then the front forks and then worked my way back to the undercarriage which was in a right old state. I even included the inner section of the rear fuselage cover that’s just behind the seats as that also had a distinctly greasy look, feel and smell about it.

Well it’s some time since I bought and used Gunk but I reckon it’s changed. It used to shift grease like magic and turned white when you washed it off with water. Now it doesn’t do either it appears. Presumably the product has been made more ‘environmentally friendly’ with the result that it now doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to half as well as before 😕

Anyway, I did the best I could and after washing all of the treated areas with warm water containing detergent, I finished off by carefully hosing it all with cold tap water. A quick dry off and although there were still a few greasy patches on some of the more inaccessible parts of the undercarriage, the results made it well worth the effort.

So progress is still quite brisk. I have to get all the parts I treated this evening really clean and grease-free so I can spray a bit of paint on the bits that need it. Then when I’ve done the pod – next week-end maybe – I’ll actually be at the stage where I’m rebuilding. That’s an exciting prospect 😀