It seems that not all has been quiet here in Plazac while I’ve been away. The reason is that the problem of intelligent electricity meters has again reared its head and the natives are restless.

When the subject was first raised a year or so ago, a meeting was called in the Salle des FĂȘtes and it was made clear that the local population wasn’t in favour of them. Not at all. But EDF is a government monopoly so it carried on with its steamroller tactics as government monopolies everywhere do.

But this is France. It’s not like the UK where the population just grumbles a bit and does what it’s told. Oh no. The people take direct action! I received a letter before I left for the UK the last time saying that I was going to have to have a Linky, as they are called over here, installed, as did everyone else in the commune. But it seems that the mood hasn’t changed since before!

My neighbour was telling me yesterday evening that the people are very angry and are not prepared to take this affront lying down. Oh no. They are not going to just sit back and allow this to happen. They don’t like the idea at all. There have been reports (apparently) of homes where Linkys have been installed bursting into flames because of EDF remotely meddling with the supply voltage and pumping in too much electricity, so who could possibly take that risk?

So steps have to be taken to prevent it. I’m lucky (I’m told) because my ‘compteur’ is inside my house so EDF can’t demand access to enter my kitchen and change it over. But what about the less fortunate souls, like my neighbour, whose meters are outside and therefore accessible to those seeking to furtively install Linkys without their knowledge?

There’s an easy solution. She’s out buying a padlock and chain at this very moment which she, along with many others, is going to put securely around her meter box with a strongly worded note attached thus denying access to it to the Linky installers. I said had she taken into account that the meter box wasn’t hers but actually the property of EDF, so she couldn’t do that and all they’d do is cut it off?

But she (along with all the others I guess) is undeterred. We haven’t yet got to the stage of creating barriers of burning tyres on our lane to keep the Linky installers out but if Plan A doesn’t work, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s not down the line a bit, if not ready and waiting as Plan B. I’m digging out my Gilet Jaune so I’m ready to man the barricades at a moment’s notice. Great isn’t it?

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