So here I am back in the UK and stuck again. As I mentioned in my last post, I had to return from France last Friday as 24ZN had to be moved out of its barn the following day, so I had to be there. I’d hoped that I’d then be able to move it out from where it currently is and to leave during this week but the battery went flat on me and now the winds are too strong again.

SteveU from the microlight forum suggested that I take a look at the Windy web site which I already knew of but hadn’t realised had been developed as much as it has been. I’ve been playing with it quite a bit in recent days and now know that it’s quite something – a really useful planning tool.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to identify 2 consecutive ‘reasonable’ days that will allow me an uninterrupted flight the whole way down and Windy confirms that there will now be no window this week. Using the ECMWF forecasting model which is the one I’m preferring after comparing recent actuals and forecasts over my planned route, the earliest I can hope for is Sun 17/Mon 18 November, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now and as 24ZN’s going to be outside from now until the time I do actually depart wherever it is, I’ll be leaving it where it is currently until then as it’s covered and sealed against the weather as well as it can be.

Experience tells us that the current ‘wild’ weather can’t persist for ever but I’m beginning to wonder whether, with the trend having changed after I acquired 24ZN during the period that it took to get the French registration done, I’m being too optimistic about flying the aircraft over this side of the new year. I hope that I’m not.

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