Last Saturday was fine and hot and I made great progress on refurbishing MYRO’s front fuselage tubes. But as usual, things didn’t last. This year there was a glorious Wimbledon fortnight but immediately after on the Monday, the weather began to change and by Wednesday the weather turned really nasty. So we paid dearly for our few days of sunshine and since then the days have been cooler, cloudier and more blustery.

Today has continued in the same theme. After finishing off a couple of household jobs earlier in the day, I was looking forward to getting MYRO out and hopefully finishing off all the tube work. No chance. As I pulled MYRO out of my garage I could feel a light drizzle starting. So back in went MYRO and although I did manage to do a bit, it was in the confines of my garage. That meant I had very little room to work in, had to keep stepping over and around things all the time, kept banging my head on the pedals which I decided to give a hand-coat of white Hammerite and then hung from the roof while they dried and also had the wind blowing straight in through the front garage door while I was trying to spray-prime small sections of tube. I more or less managed but it wasn’t very satisfying and certainly wasn’t much fun.

It looks as though we could have a slightly damp start tomorrow but although the wind will still be with us, it should hopefully be dry during the daytime. I hope I’ll be able to finish off the tube work and be able to think about starting on the pod.

Incidentally, Our Trike is on Ebay and the auction ends tomorrow. It is £10 short of its reserve price and hasn’t budged for almost a day now. Usually with microlight auctions, nearly all the action comes on the last day and often in the last few minutes, so it looks as though Our Trike will be sold. Quite often, having been sold, microlights find their way back onto Ebay because of ‘time-wasters’ who bid but do not (or cannot) go through with the purchase. I hope that doesn’t happen with Our Trike, that it goes to a good new home and finds its way back into the air where it belongs.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes

  1. Me too Tony. But like you did, I can wait (but not too long!) so long as I can see progress and know things are being done ‘properly’. Working in the open is a ruddy nuisance when you’re painting but that’s behind me now for the time being anyway. You can get so much more done and quicker too when you’ve got the space to move around a bit.

    Ebay is still going. It’s beaten the reserve but like others before me, having a few problems now as the end approaches with ‘problem’ bidders. I’ve deleted a couple of bids because of it. Hopefully everything will work out though and I’ll just be able to concentrate on MYRO.

  2. I hope the sale on E-bay went well, they usually do shoot up in the last 5 minutes.

    It is a bugger working in a small area, but at least you can still continue to move forward, if it is at a slower pace. Looking forward to seeing MYRO flying.

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