Should that be ‘still’ rather than ‘again’? I’ve just checked the weather for the Canterbury area in the south of England, where Clipgate Farm is located. More very wet and windy days to come on top of what they’ve been getting followed by a couple of days of just high wind and then even more wet and windy days to follow for the whole of next week.

Here in France we’ve had non-stop rain for the whole week so far and this morning is the first time I’ve looked out to see that it isn’t raining, so some improvement there. However, the ground is saturated and I doubt that Malbec will be useable for some time, probably a week or more if it stays dry, which it isn’t forecast to do for something like another week.

So it looks as though March could turn out to be a washout – literally – on both sides of the Channel. It’s impossible to even think about getting 24ZN, my ex-pat Xair, out of the hangar it’s in at Clipgate to fly it across to France and who knows when that might be possible given how the weather’s behaving. And on top of that, there’s the chaos and disruption being caused by the Coronavirus – will the airports that I’ll need to land at along the way be open or closed?

So despite my complaints about the visibility at the time, it was lucky that I did my flight in 28AAD, my Weedhopper, when I did a week or so ago as there would be little prospect of repeating it in the near future. ULM Evasion at Ste-Foy-la-Grande have their first event of the year, a Paella fly-in, scheduled for March 29. It would be a shame if it has to be cancelled because of the weather so we’re hoping for their sake that things will pick up by then. But who knows…

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