It’s been over a week since the replacement fuel injectors that I ordered from Germany for my Kia were despatched via DHL. I waited in all day again today thinking that they’d surely show up but they didn’t.

One of the problems that we have in our area is that all the delivery companies have depots in Brive and if they don’t have many deliveries for an area outside of their usual locality, they just don’t bother doing them. So if there are no deliveries besides mine in the Plazac area, they either don’t load mine in the first place or end up returning it to the depot at the end of the day wthout coming to Plazac saying that they can’t find the address or with some other pathetic excuse.

It’s appalling and they nearly all do it, even the big companies, as they make wide use of subcontractors who are paid a set fee per package and a single package to Plazac is therefore uneconomic for them. I’ve had several packages that I’ve been able to track stay for days in Brive and some have then even been returned to their senders. This one I can’t track because it was shipped by an Ebay seller and you only get a delivery date band from them.

As the end of my date band is this coming Sunday FGS I can’t even chase the seller up until Monday and then I won’t hold my breath in expectation. My guess is that next week I’ll be chasing Paypal for a refund and looking for another source of injectors, but that doesn’t help me to get my car back on the road and Victor’s 2CV back with him.

Speaking of Victor’s 2CV, a week or so ago while I was experimenting with creating multi-camera videos, I shot a couple in the Deuche which show what it’s like driving this quirky little classic vehicle, and here they are.

Victor’s being really good about me still having the Deuche but I certainly didn’t expect to have it anything like this long and if I’d known at the very beginning, especially with the time it’s taking to get my car fixed since I got it back home again from Paris, I’d have bought another car to use in the meantime.

I’m planning to do some take offs and landings in the Savannah tomorrow in advance of going off with Wim and taking Victor as passenger to a fly-in at Ste Foy la Grande. What’s the bet that if the injectors are going to arrive, they’ll do so tomorrow when I’m out and can’t sign for the package, creating yet another delay 😐