In case anyone thinks otherwise, I am taking the whole Lyme Disease thing very seriously. It only needs a few minutes searching on the internet to find lots of awful stories about how some people’s lives have been changed forever by what can all too soon become a very serious condition if not diagnosed and treated promptly, with long term symptoms of chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain and damage to major bodily organs. However, the other side of the coin is that if the disease is dealt with speedily, a full recovery is anticipated with no long term effects for the majority of sufferers and it’s for this reason that I am fully optimistic of an excellent outcome in my own case, and why I will also be documenting my own experiences as an example, I hope, to others coming after who may not have quite as positive an attitude as I have.

My doctor prescribed a 14 day course of 100 mg Doxycycline taken twice a day together with 1000 mg Paracetamol to be taken in conjunction as required. The latter I think are to help reduce the symptoms of feverishness and headache and feel like swallowing a small bomb when you take them, due to their size. This morning, I’ve just taken my fourth Doxycycline and whether due to psychological reasons or the ‘placebo effect’, I’m convinced that I already feel much better than I did the same time yesterday before I started on my course of medication. As I mentioned in my last post, although the prescription is for two Doxycyclines per day, yesterday I took three and I’ll be doing the same again today so as to get my blood levels up as quickly as possible and give it a fighting chance to get cracking on the Lyme Disease spirochetal bacteria.

I took the day off yesterday as quite honestly, I didn’t much feel like working. But I’m not going to do the same today and intend to try and get the framework for my wood store fully up and fixed firmly in place by this evening. However, I’m not going to push myself to the point where I start to go backwards again because my health is the top priority a long way ahead of my wood store. Fortunately, we’re still enjoying temperatures in the mid-20 degrees Celsius with no rain expected before Sunday, so all being well, I should still be able to make the progress that I want to. But that doesn’t stop me being very annoyed that this setback has hit me totally out of the blue and it just goes to show how easily one’s plans can be frustrated for the most unexpected of reasons.