October 10, 2012

The sad, sad world of Bob Thompson

I resolved never to mention his name again here on My Trike but I had to briefly share what has just come to light. Bob Thompson has a number of Internet pseudonyms – BMWbikerinfrance, BioniXman and FlyingFrog among them. It now appears that as he has very little else to occupy him in his life and such a rapidly diminishing circle of friends on account of his tendency to ‘fall out’ (his words) with people, that he has been reduced to spending his time trawling around various Internet forums and even places like YouTube posting negative material about me and the incident involving G-MYRO. Apparently he describes me as a ‘rubbish pilot’ (cutting edge stuff this…) and in a similar vein, in the best traditions of your average thirteen year old, I found that he had ‘mischievously’ (oh you naughty boy you!) flagged up one of my YouTube videos as spam. It’s a bit like having a stalker – you never know where they’re going to pop up next.

It is no concern of mine, and frankly of no interest to me either, but I seriously now wonder about his mental state. In my experience, these are not the kind of things that a normal, rational, grown-up, adult person does. I terminated our previously friendly relationship following behaviour towards me that I found highly offensive and it subsequently turned out that my experience was not unique. But what normal people then do, and that includes both parties following such an event, is turn the page and move on. However, it appears that Bob Thompson is incapable of doing such a thing, even though several months have elapsed since the events that triggered his, some might say, very weird behaviour. This is probably because he lacks maturity or possibly it is because of some other reason. One of his other Internet pseudonyms is madmanbob and maybe he chose it with good reason. His recent behaviour certainly gives credence to such an idea.