That’s what Toddie and I are beginning to feel like with the weather we’re getting. I don’t know if this is the worst Spring and early Summer ever in these parts because I haven’t been here long enough, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised! I’ve just come back in from having re-secured one of the X-Air’s engine covers which had been blown off by the gusting wind allowing the exhaust and part of the engine to be soaked by the falling rain and as I look out of my window now, another shower is passing through just as there was for the whole of yesterday. And it’s cold, at only 11 degrees Celsius, with a high of only 16 degrees expected. So we’re stuck indoors again, just as we were for the whole of yesterday and much of last week. And with little to amuse ourselves with, as after the EDF 400 volts debacle, I still don’t have a TV or DVD player or even a music system and am totally reliant on my PC to help me stay sane while the rain falls almost continuously outside and water steadily drips down my chimney. But sitting in front of a computer screen all day begins to pall after a while 😐

The sun came out briefly on Friday so I took the opportunity to get outside ASAP to try to finish off the X-Air panel work. I connected the fuel pressure gauge into the system and it worked nicely when I pumped up pressure with the hand primer bulb but I didn’t get a chance to start the engine and see what pressure it showed with the engine running. Instead I set about fitting the EGT senders. The first thing I found was that the stubs on the exhaust manifold do not after all, match the clamp-on senders that I bought recently. The stubs do not support them and they pass completely through them, right into the exhaust pipe. But I refused to give in and fitted the senders anyway by slipping a couple of washers over the sender bodies to prevent them going in too far and attaching the jubilee clip clamps very tightly so as to prevent any leakage between the faces of the washers and the ends of the stubs. I won’t know if the arrangement will be successful until I’m able to start the engine, which I was unable to do on Friday as I’ll go on to explain.

Then I needed to connect the EGT senders to the gauge using the connections that I made up at the gauge end what is now several weeks ago, a mark of how much wasted time this terrible weather is causing. I decided that I’d pop down to Les Briconautes in Montignac to see if they had any suitable cable and came back with some light-weight 2-pair telephone cable. On the way back I thought that the sky was looking a bit ‘unreal’ over the hills to the east and while I was running the new cable to make the EGT sender connections there was an ominous rumble of thunder. So just in case, I gathered up the tools that I wasn’t using and put them under cover and continued for several more minutes before the deluge hit! With the job only half-completed, I then had to rush around to get the X-Air covered up as quickly as possible, getting soaked in the process, and ended up back indoors looking out at the lashing rain and flashes of lightning that continued well into the evening. So that was that, and no more work has been possible since, because of the continuing downpours we’ve been experiencing.

On a different note, many weeks ago after we’d been out to the airfield at Castillonnes in it, I mentioned Victor’s beautiful restored Citroen 2CV, or Deuche as it’s known. We went out to the airfield in it again at the end of April and although I didn’t have my camera with me, I did have my mobile phone, which has a not very good camera in it. So this time I was able to get a few shots, and here are a couple.



Victor has restored it with ‘no expense spared’ and it looks as though it’s just come out of the showroom. It also has a ‘tuned up’ engine, from a Visa I think, and nips along very smartly, much to the surprise of other motorists! I’d love one like it, and it looks as though you can pick up some very nice models with a current CT, meaning that they’re road-worthy and can be driven immediately, for under 2000€. But I think it’ll be some time before I’ve done everything I need to on my house and garden before I could even think about taking on a project like that. But I can dream, can’t I 😉