Yesterday was something of a disaster. It rained all day long virtually without stopping so every time the dog had to go out, he got sopping wet. OK, I’m used to that, but I also had to keep going out in it myself, to get more wood in. And every time I did so, I found that my small stock of wood was getting wetter and wetter despite my having been careful to keep it covered up.

It turns out that all of the lightweight blue tarp that I’ve been using (left-overs from MYRO’s old covers and new stuff that I’ve bought over here that’s similar) is as about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike when it comes to holding back water, which just passes straight through it. You have to ask yourself, therefore, what can it possibly be useful for? All I can think of is dust covers – other answers on a postcard please 😕

I managed to get by by bringing in as much wood as I could and leaving it to stand for as long as possible to dry off before bunging it into the wood burner, but although I managed to get by and still had enough of a fire left this morning to get going again, it could hardly be called successful and by the evening, the house was quite cold. On a brighter note, Russ’s glass cleaning method worked a treat and I’ve decided that my regular morning regime will include cleaning the glass every day before the muck gets a chance to build up, as well as clearing out the old ashes. Like anything new and unfamiliar, it’s a learning curve, isn’t it.


The downside is that with all this messing about with the wood burner, I’m beginning to smell like an old bonfire all the time. If I can notice it myself, what on earth must I smell like to other people 🙂

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts from yesterday

  1. I’ve been experimenting a bit Russ. It does handle quite big logs – up to 50cm in length – but I’m beginning to favour smaller ones and ones that have been cut down or split. Even so, once it’s really hot it doesn’t seem to mind about the log thickness because pretty soon after chucking it in it’s burning away quite happily. I put a large lump on a while back this evening that I gave up trying to split because it was taking the chainsaw too long to get through and it’s now burning and chucking out some really good heat. I’m still waiting for the metal for my register plate to be delivered so I must be losing a heck of a lot of heat up my chimney which is completely open. I’ll be interested to see how much hotter the room gets when I’ve got the plate in.

  2. those logs are quite fat 🙂 if the fire is red hot then it should not be a problem, but if you are struggling to keep her going well consider splitting those down the middle, will burn much more easily

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