But I still didn’t manage to finish the new wood store today. I thought I had enough time, and I did have, but in the event I made too many mistakes that robbed me of quite a bit of it. I messed up two boards on the front of the store and had to make and fit replacements. I also measured a couple of other bits incorrectly and as I’d ‘made’ the wood that they were made from by cleaning up and trimming large lengths of off-cuts, I had to do the same all over again – twice.

I decided to make the two doors of different sizes – the left one is wider than the right because my thinking is that you won’t always need or want to open both of them and the narrower of the two will be able to stay closed and secured by bolts top and bottom most of the time. I’ve made the doors from the same tongue-and-groove boards that I’ve used for the rest of the store walls and by a total fluke, I found that the width of the doorway is exactly the same as two doors of six and four boards stood vertically, even allowing for the gaps needed between the doors and each door and the frame. How lucky was that! To finish them off, I also spent quite a bit of time removing the ‘unused’ tongues and grooves from the outer boards of both doors.

Here’s a shot of the left-hand door on my kitchen floor ready for its rear boards to be attached.


And here’s a shot I took at the end of the day with all of the boarding on the store finished and the narrower right-hand door standing in place, but not yet hung on its hinges.


By the end of the day I was feeling very tired and I’ve also now got a bit of back-ache as well as throbbing feet that are keeping me awake at night. I won’t be sorry to see the end of this job, and that’s for sure 😐