I dropped into Malbec today to remove the Savannah’s engine cowling and check that no mice were in residence in there and no damage had been done by the previous unauthorised rodent visitor who’d found it’s way into the Savannah’s cabin. Luckily everything was present, correct and as it should be and the oil and water levels were as I’d left them after I’d prepared the engine for my abortive UK flight earlier in the Spring.

It then occurred to me why I’d experienced my rodent problem.


By leaving my new towbar attached to the nose wheel I’ve been providing the mice with an easy entry up into the Savannah. All they have to do is run up the towbar handle, climb up the last few inches into the engine compartment, then squeeze through the firewall holes that the rudder actuating rods pass through and they’re inside the cabin.

The reason that I’ve had no problems up to now is because with having spats on all three wheels, it’s impossible to do the same if the towbar is not present because by climbing onto the tyres, all they’d do is end up inside the wheel spats and there’s then no way for them to double back out and continue climbing upwards. So the simple solution is to detach the towbar when the aircraft has been pushed back into the hangar.

In the meantime I’ve reluctantly set a couple of traps, one inside the cabin and one on top of the nose wheel spat, but I hope that they won’t be used as I can’t see the point of taking a little mouse’s life for no reason when all it’s doing is following its instincts. Anyway, time will tell and hopefully both will be un-sprung with their pieces of cheese still in place when I go to Malbec next time 😉

By the way, as I’m still waiting on the replacement injectors for my car, I’ve now decided to postpone my flight to the UK until after I’d had my upcoming scan on 25 September. Time is now just too tight but if the good weather that we’re currently experiencing (light winds, highs of around 30 degrees C) continues into October, hopefully it’ll be possible to do it then. I’m sure it’s the right decision, and it will also allow us (Wim and me at least) to drop into the fly-in at Ste Foy la Grande next Sunday in our Weedhoppers.