After my disappointment with Joint’s insurance quote I was delighted to receive a really good quote direct from Crispin Speers and Partners this morning which I’ll be taking up tomorrow. The weather forecast for the next couple of days is not too hot but things look as though they’ll be improving as from Friday with Saturday hopefully quite a nice day. That means I should be able to ferry MYRO across to Stoke for its check flight and I can hardly believe the day is almost here 🙂

As I type this the rain is pattering onto the conservatory roof and I’m glad that I’ve got MYRO’s covers on. I think though that when I’ve got the decks clear I’ll make another cover for the whole of the tail plane along the lines of the design of the X’air’s one and also one for the pod and screen. That way MYRO will be able to stand out this Winter and not be too affected by the weather. I think that a bit too much was left uncovered last year and I’d like to rectify that if I can.

It’s a nice feeling to know that all of the final pieces of the jig-saw that was started back in May are now beginning to fall into place 😉

2 thoughts on “Really close now

  1. Yeah, had me worried for a minute too Paul 🙂

    Anyway, insurance all sorted and paid for now and planning to fly MYRO out to Stoke on Friday. Reason is that the wind is then forecast to be from the right direction. The field is short and sloping and take offs must always be downhill because of trees etc at the high end. On Friday the wind is expected to be up the slope from the north-east. Fingers crossed eh 😕

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