Well, it looks as though the few good days that were forecast have indeed arrived, although today was a bit too windy to have flown. But it was a good day to get the ride-on out and mow the grass at Malbec.



When I’d finished, Malbec ended up looking as good as I can ever remember seeing it but it always does at this time of the year when the trees and the grass are so lush and green. Now we just need to sort out the windsock because the one that’s in place is hanging in tatters.

I don’t yet know what my plans are for tomorrow but I’d hoped to get some flying in in both the Weedhopper and the Savannah. However, from the current forecast, it appears that I might be thwarted as it could still be too windy and I don’t want to take even the slightest risk after such a long lay-off.

In fact, if the forecast is correct, I might have to wait until Thursday to get into the air, when the winds are forecast to be much lighter. However, it’s also forecast that Thursday’s high could be as much as 28 degrees C which could, of course, pose other problems. Like nasty turbulence, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I noticed a weird anomaly when I picked up fuel at the local Carrefour in Rouffignac today. Usually there’s quite a large price differential between 95 and 98 octane fuel but today 95 was priced at 1.19€/litre and 98 at 1.21€. As I needed to buy 98 octane for the Savannah, the ride-on at Malbec was assured a drop of the good stuff today, which Victor whose mower it is, prefers to have put into the tank anyway. So no problem today Victor!

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