What a relief. For reasons I won’t bother going into, I had to transfer the Our Trike web site over to a new web hosting company. I was really worried because quite a lot of work had gone into setting it up and I didn’t know if it could be transferred and keep all its posts, pictures and comments. 😕

It turned out that although a bit of effort was involved, my fears were groundless. WordPress had already thought about it and provided an export/import system that handled all of the main problems for me. Cleverly, their system wouldn’t let me import my exported file without upgrading to the latest version, which was fairly effortless and painless. Only problem was, for those who know WordPress, the Dashboard had a new layout and a whole bunch of unwanted default pages that I’d originally edited or deleted in the old installation, were reintroduced and I had to poke around all over the place trying to find out how to delete them all over again. 🙄

But I’m glad to say, I did the job in an evening and as far as the outside world is concerned, nothing appears to have changed. What a relief. 😯

I’ve moved over to UKGold Domains and Web Hosting, a new company here in the UK which is just being launched by someone I know. 😉 If you’re interested you can find them at http://ukgold.com. They offer a great range of highly competitive web hosting packages and I think Our Trike is now set up for the future. 🙂