So here we are again, the end of another year and the threshold of a new one that will have its own challenges and adventures as it unfolds. Any new year resolutions? I haven’t, not really, except for one maybe, which will be to try to get more flying in next year than I have this.

I haven’t totted up my total hours for 2019 but they won’t amount to very many. It didn’t help losing nearly two of the last three months stuck in the UK while trying to get a weather window to bring 24ZN, my ex-pat X-air, over to France but even in the year up to then, I hadn’t flown anywhere near as many hours as I might have. My enthusiasm hasn’t dropped off but too many other things just kept getting in the way.

I’m going to try to change that next year, starting with another attempt to fly 24ZN out as soon as possible after I return from a short spell of winter sun in Egypt in the first week of February. Maybe things will start looking up a bit weatherwise going into March – here’s hoping they will anyway.

And here’s hoping for the best 2020 that we could wish for, each and every one of us. And on that note I’ll bow out for 2019.

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