Well, I’m typing this sitting at a table in my sister and brother-in-law’s home near Maidstone in Kent in the south-east of England. I set off for the UK in 77ASY according to plan last Saturday morning taking off from Malbec at around 9.25 am.


I had a marvellous flight up that was not without incident that I’ll describe in more detail when I return home early this coming week but before then I couldn’t resist talking about today’s events.

I’d arranged with a friend here in Kent to give him a hand with his X-Air that he’s been unable to start for many weeks and had said that I’d do my best to get it running for him as he now wants to just get rid of it as soon as possible. Here’s a shot that I took of it this morning before I set to work.


It didn’t take me long to get the engine running ‘as sweet as a nut’ and when I looked the aircraft over, I was very impressed by its overall condition – probably better than my old X-Air that I sold in March. But my friend still wants to get rid of I because he’s been told that it will be difficult and expensive to re-permit in the UK because of the time it’s been standing out of permit, unused and unflown. And because of that, he expects to get just peanuts for it when he sells it.

But no such constraints would apply in France and I’ve had an idea that would allow me to circumvent and in effect stick two fingers up at the ridiculous restrictive and expensive UK permit regime.

The X-Air is readily and easily registerable in France, a process that would only take a very short time and be quite inexpensive. So what I could do is buy the X-Air very cheaply from my chum who has told me what he would be happy to receive just to wash his hands of it, register it in France, remove the current G-reg, apply its new French reg, add it to my insurance (effectively replacing my old X-Air that was recently removed from cover) and then fly it out of the UK and down to the Dordogne.

I know that I’ve told everyone that I don’t need any more aircraft to work on having now sorted out two AX3s, my old X-Air and my Savannah but I’m finding the idea increasingly irresistible already. I also fancy the idea of another two-day adventure flying it down from the UK to Malbec. Oh dear… I think I might be feeling another project coming on 😉

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