At least, I don’t think so. Despite the favourable forecast for today, we looked out this morning onto thick fog. At the time of writing (early afternoon), it’s cleared quite a bit and the sun is trying to break through, but I can’t see it clearing enough for safe flight. So it looks as though I’ll have to wait until next week to get airborne again.

But no matter! I had a long day yesterday working up plans and diagrams for the developments I have planned for my house ready for a meeting with Simon the builder on Monday, so I won’t be sorry if I have to take it a bit easy today. And anyway, the postie arrived with my new smartphone about half an hour ago and I’ve got that and my original one to play with 😉

Here’s a shot of the two of them together.


I must say, the new one is enormous in comparison, but it appears that that’s the direction smartphones are moving in. It’s actually bigger than the little satnav that I have in my car and with MemoryMap installed, with the size of screen that it has, it would easily be usable for navigation in my aircraft.

My idea is that I’ll set it up with my two sim cards (French and English) and then re-chip the original phone that got messed up when I was clearing the Chinese app rubbish off it that had hijacked it. Then assuming the original is back to working properly and hasn’t been ‘bricked’ during the process, I’ll be able to choose which one I prefer and will keep, and sell the other.

My only reservation is that smartphones sourced from China seem to routinely come with ‘Chinese apps’ (see Youtube) already covertly installed and the new one could easily start doing the same as the original did after a few weeks, as I’m sure that that came with the malware already on it. But at least I now have a good idea how to deal with the problem and hopefully, if it does happen, won’t end up this time deinstalling little bits of the operating system.

As it happens, the original phone is working fine now except the screen has lost its ‘smart wake’ facility by which the phone unlocks and the screen lights up merely with one sweep of your finger. I’m hoping that the re-chipping will restore it as I’ll be reloading a fresh, clean version of Android and this is an Android function.

Anyway, that’s for a bit later. I have to head off now to Intermarché.