Today Ken and Peter planned to treat a few nuts that have gone a bit rusty on the X’air, so I went over too a bit later in the morning. I’d made a bracket for my new 7″ satnav that I never had a chance to try out in MYRO and was hoping for a chance to test it in the X’air. I’ve always found it on the dim side in the car and I suspect that it’ll be the same in the aircraft but you don’t know until you try it out properly. While the other two were busying themselves with their jobs, I dropped the bracket in and was pleased to see that my idea of bending it twice to lower the satnav worked great and despite there being not a great deal of height between the top of the panel and the screen, the satnav fitted in nicely. Then I took a few shots of the new PTT buttons and here’s the best one of them.


Peter had to leave early so despite there being a cross wind blowing at 90 degrees to the runway, Ken and I decided to have an hour or so’s flying to give Ken a bit of stick time. The cross wind wasn’t actually that much of a problem because it was within the limit of approx 15mph and was fairly steady and not gusting too much. And it was a very useful flight actually. We got in a couple of practise approaches into Ken’s field and they went pretty well. We also found that where I’d sited the satnav over on the right of the panel was pretty useless as it was too far from the pilot and impossible to see because as expected, the satnav is not very bright. I’d put it over on the right because I thought that if sited in front of the pilot, it would obscure the tops of a couple of instruments. We found that actually this would not be so, so the next thing is to make up another bracket and move it over. Then we’ll be able to see if it’s bright enough in that position or whether I’ll have to revert to a slightly smaller model. My old MyGuide that got damaged in MYRO’s accident was only a 4 1/2″ model and that was bright enough, so maybe one between that and the size of the new one will be the answer.

The last thing we did was revert the satnav to car mode while in the air to get some idea of the speed we were flying at compared to the figure shown on the ASI because I’ve always suspected that the gauge is reading about 5mph slow. Sure enough, the satnav showed that the gauge is more like 7 mph out! To do a proper comparison, you’d need to take several measurements flying in directions that are exactly 180 degrees to each other and then take the average but this was good enough for now. So only a flight of 1 hr 5 mins, but a useful one and the culmination of a nice day at the airfield 🙂