After my new Hubsan Zino was delivered on Friday, I naturally wanted to get it into the air as soon as possible. Trouble was, Friday and yesterday too were not the best of days to be flying a drone, as the following shot of the weather that we had on Friday shows.

Bad flying weather

With wind like that it wasn’t really the time to be flying a new drone at all, let alone for the first time, especially as showers also kept rolling in to make things even more complicated and a bit fraught. However, although I hardly dared allow it to get above treetop height, I still managed to get enough brief flights in to see that it was capable of realising all the hopes and expectations that I had of it. Here’s a very (very!) brief video that I made from flights that I did on Friday. It’s not much, just a taster, and many more longer, proper flights will come in the future.

I had the time while the wind was too strong to fly, while the batteries were charging, to load all of the latest firmwares, so when I was able to get it into the air it was totally up-to-date and ready to go. And I was not disappointed! The UHD 4K 30 fps videos I’m getting on my PC are as good as any and better than most I’ve seen on Youtube. The gimbal is rock-solid giving ultra steady videos in even the fairly high winds that I was flying it in and the video quality is simply stunning.

Yes, the drone does ‘move around a bit’ when you first take off and at very low altitudes and we all know why – it has no downward facing sensors. But hey! It’s not for flying around at high speed and performing lunatic antics close to the ground. If you want to do that you choose another model. But if you are looking for what I am, a stable video platform that will do your work justice, you need look no further. That’s what this drone was made for and that’s the role in which it excels.

If I hadn’t ordered and had delivered a number of accessories for my long-awaited Fimi X8 SE 2020 , I’d probably now cancel the order. But I won’t and look forward eventually (soon I hope) to being able to compare the two models. The Fimi will have to do very well to beat the Zino in the role that I want to use it for.

I mentioned in a previous post that I tried to video the whole of the first flight that I did in my Savannah following the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown but only managed to record the first leg from Malbec to Condat-sur-Vézère. Although I’ve done many recordings in the past of the same flight, this one was the first I’ve done on a GoPro mounted inside the cabin. I’ve given a link to it below and if you click on it you can join me for the flight in the cabin with no social distancing and no face masks necessary.

To give an idea of the internet problems we face down here, it took over two days (yes, over 48 hours non-stop!) to upload the video onto YouTube. I’d like to be able to publish so much more material on my YouTube channel but at that sort of upload speed sadly it just isn’t possible. One of the prices we pay for living a life in paradise, I suppose…

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