Have been dealing with a few other things in recent weeks so have not been posting much on My Trike. I made another couple of videos using my Fimi quadcopter, see below. The first was another ‘end of summer’ video showing how things are changing here now that the seasons are drawing on.

The second was in ‘response’ to some ‘reviews’ of the Fimi that I’ve seen on Youtube that I think cast it in completely the wrong light. I wanted to show a completely different side of the story and how well it’s been performing for me.

I had an amazing day last Saturday. A next-door neighbour has a small vineyard and Saturday was the day of the annual ‘vendange’ (grape picking). He’s interested in my drones (he introduced me to another neighbour a short distance away, Bernard from Belgium, who also flies quadcopters) and asked if I’d like to take a few shots on the day. In fact I went even better and did a complete video showing the day from beginning to end. I was super-pleased with it but unfortunately I can’t post it here on My Trike as it shows lots of local people and neighbours – about 50 turned up to give a hand of which 30 joined in a superb meal afterwards – and it would not be right to offend their privacy.

After the grape-picking was over – it only took until mid-day – we all sat down for an ‘apero’ followed by the most hearty French meal that I’ve ever enjoyed that started at about 12.30 pm and just went on and on. I left at about 5.30 pm and more than half were still there. I lost count of the courses. We started with soup then had shrimps, whelks, wild boar with haricots verts, cheese – they just kept coming. Every time my glass emptied it was magically full again with last-year’s vintage red wine, as did it also when we got onto the plum brandy at the end of the meal. I felt highly privileged to be invited and being regarded by the locals as ‘one of them’ is a great feeling.

I still haven’t flown since the one flight I did in the Xair after bringing it over from the UK. I keep being distracted by other things and I’d hoped to get a couple of flights in this coming week. The weather is changing, though, and although it’s now becoming cooler, which will be a good thing, it looks as though it could also be wet for the next few days. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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