Today I pumped up all the tyres on my Savannah and my X-Air in preparation for the flights that I have planned for this coming week. This means that the Savannah is all ready to go subject to a normal daily check and walk-round and all I’ll have to do (on Wednesday hopefully) will be to mount my GPS and GoPros before getting away and up into the air. Then when I return I’ll be able to swap the aircraft round in the barn bringing the X-Air to the front so I can pull its covers off and give it an inspection and engine run in preparation for its flight the following day.

I’ve just phoned and received permission to land at St Julien which is a privately owned ULM airfield at the south-western corner of Bergerac’s controlled airspace, so that will be the first new airfield in my logbook for quite some time. I’ll do the same tomorrow evening for Peyrillac for the X-Air’s flight on Thursday and this means that I can spend a leisurely day tomorrow uploading the routes into my GPS, preparing my backup navigation papers and ensuring that all of the necessary batteries (GPS, GoPros) are charged and ready to go.

So all my flying plans are looking good and I just hope that they stay that way 😉

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