Just got a Gallery feature installed and working. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while because although you can include individual pics in postings, it’s nice to be able to put related ones all together in a gallery where they can be viewed properly.

But nothing ain’t that simple with this here blogging 🙂

All of these little gizmos are done with what are called plugins. First you have to decide what kind of plugin you are looking for and then you have to go through the list of available ones and decide which one looks as though it’ll do what you want. Then you have to install and configure it which isn’t necessarily that simple or straightforward.

I chose a gallery plugin called Lazy-K-Gallery which seems to do just what I want. You can link to a gallery in a post while at the same time having all of your galleries on view in your ‘Galleries’ page. Anyway, let’s see how we go. I’m still experimenting with other gallery plugins and although I’ve found some very nice ones, several do not show the large version of the images in the gallery correctly in Internet Explorer 7. What is it about MS stuff nowadays – all the other browsers I’ve tried including Firefox, Opera and Chrome work perfectly 😕 I look forward to receiving any comments if people have the time and inclination to post any 😉