Here’s the reason why I treked all the way ‘up north’ yesterday. I took the picture this morning while the hand-made ‘terres cuites’ that were specially made for me were still nestling in the boot of my car.


And this was after I’d removed them and placed them on the floor of my ‘atelier’ until I can get around to laying them in front of my new sliding patio door, hopefully when it gets a bit warmer down here.


Not many of them and hardly worth driving all that distance for, you might say, and that’d be true to a certain extent. They came to just under a couple of hundred euros in total but the main problem was that due to the high chance of their being damaged in transit, the factory refused to ship them except on a small pallet. And that would have cost about half again, or maybe a bit more.

However, my Ford C-Max is pretty economical (around 5.5 litres/100 km on a drive like that) so it was more than worth making the trip, plus it also gave me a chance to get out and see again a bit of an attractive part of France (Charente Maritime, Charente, Deux Sèvres, Vendée) on what turned out to be a chilly but mostly bright, sunny day. It would never have paid to do the trip in my Kia, though, as that would have burnt almost twice the amount of fuel as the C-Max, which used just over a single tank there and back.

The reason that I need these specific tiles is that I want to match a design that I originally created for the platform that I built on which my woodburner now to stands. Here’s a shot of what I’m talking about.


It won’t be as easy as it sounds because my main floor tiles are nominally 30 cm square and the new ‘terres-cuites’ are 16 cm square. This means that all of them will have to be cut down on all four sides so two with a joint will be the same width as a floor tile. It won’t be too bad though as I still have the electric tile cutter in my workshop that I acquired when I did the original job.

I also bought some spare patterned tiles as some will have to be cut up to make the fleur-de-lys ‘cabouchons’ that make the design so attractive (in my opinion 🙂 ) and interesting. That will also not be too difficult using the tile cutter but I know that I’ll have to take great care, as I did before. Now I just need to get going as soon as possible!

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